Services We Provide

Choosing the right fit for your child from the plethora of options can be a difficult and overwhelming decision, which is why we’re here to guide you. Dorm & Day has an extensive portfolio of schools that is continually expanding across the globe. From finding a school to helping secure an offer, these are the services we provide:

Reviewing Transcripts & Applications

Dorm & Day will assist you with creating the best application for your child, reviewing transcripts and applying tips with proven success.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Going away to school is an expensive choice, so we at Dorm & Day will assist you with financial aid or scholarship applications, both need and merit-based, for all those students who deserve a chance at exemplary schooling.

Test & Interview Preparation

Dorm & Day will help prepare your student for any tests or interviews that are required, either through specialist tutoring or mock interviews, to ensure the best chance of success for your child.

Allow us to make the admission process easier for you